Whole Grain Breads

Some Breads From Around the World

Please note, not all of these breads are whole grain.  

Bread Country/Region Description
Bagel Jewish specialty Soft bread rings with a chewy crust.
Baguette France A long, thin bread with a soft inside and crisp crust.
Brioche France A sweet bread made as a loaf or as buns.
Challah Jewish specialty A rich bread usually braided, traditionally made for Jewish holy days.
Croissants France Rich, flakey pastries in the shape of a crescent, sometimes filled with chocolate or other fillings.
Damper Australia A slightly sweet soda bread made from wheat, using baking techniques from Indigenous Australians.
Focaccia Italy A thin bread sprinkled with salt and often flavored with olives, garlic, herbs.
Injera Ethiopia A fermented flatbread made from teff, used to scoop up stews and other main dishes.
Mantou China A steamed bun made from wheat flour made in Northern China.
Naan India A soft flat bread often used to scoop up thick stews.
Pao de queijo Brazil Rich, chewy bread made with cheese.
Pide Turkey A savory flatbread shaped into a boat and filled with cheese, vegetables, herbs, and sometimes meat.
Pita Middle East A thin, hollow flatbread that can be split and filled.
Pretzel Germany In the shape of a knot, pretzels are boiled and baked, with a chewy crust and soft interior.
Pumpernickel Germany A heavy, sweet, dark bread made from coarse rye and sourdough starter.
Soda bread Ireland A quick-bread leaved with baking soda (not yeast), traditionally made with whole grain flour.
Sourdough Fertile Crescent A slightly sour, fermented bread made from a sourdough starter that has naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. Soft interior and chewy crust.
Tortilla Latin America Flatbreads made without a leavening agent, usually circular in shape and made from corn or flour.