Texture or mouth feel is how the food feels in your mouth Examples of Foods with This Texture
Chewy: The texture of a food that needs to be chewed thoroughly before swallowing. Can be light and bouncy or heavy and sticky, hard and holds together. Tootsie roll, brownie 
Creamy: A smooth, rich, thick texture that usually comes from the incorporation of dairy.  Ice cream, cheesecake, pudding, custard, cream, whipped cream, cream cheese, peanut butter 
Crispy or Crisp: A light texture with a slight crunch. Potato chips and most other chips, bacon, iceberg lettuce
Crumbly: The texture of a food with a loose structure that falls apart into small pieces or crumbs.

Synonyms: mealy 

Cornbread, coffeecake streusel, 
Crunchy: A firm, crisp texture often identified by the sharp, audible noise that the food makes when being eaten.
Delicate: A light, fine texture that may come apart easily.
Dry:  Dry cereal
Fibrous: long, rope-like, stringy  Celery, rhubarb
Firm:  Stale bread
Fizzy: A texture brought on by the presence of many small bubbles, usually referring to carbonated liquids. Soda, bubbly water
Flaky: A light texture characterized by long, flat layers that come apart during eating. Flaky pie crust, biscuits, croissant, crackers
Gooey: A viscous, sometimes sticky texture arising from the presence of moisture in a dense solid food.
Greasy: thick, coats the inside your mouth Cheese, fried foods like donuts, french fries, fried chicken

Synonyms: dense

Cheesecake, fried food
Juicy: A succulent, tender texture characterized by the presence of liquid in a solid food.

Synonyms: watery, succulent

Watermelon, strawberries, peaches, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers 

Synonyms: airy, foamy

Whipped egg whites, meringue, steamed milk  
Moist:  Muffins, brownies
Silky: A fine, smooth texture characterized by a sleek feel in the mouth. Mousse, pudding, parfait, cheesecake 
Soft:  Fresh bread
Sticky: A texture characterized by gluiness in the mouth. Honey, sticky bun, peanut butter 
Smooth: A consistent texture free of grit, lumps, or indentations.

Synonyms: velvety

Creamy peanut butter, mousse, flan, pudding 
Succulent: A tender, juicy texture. Peach, pear, tomato, steak 
Tender: A soft texture that is easy to bite through and chew. Properly mixed pie crust
Thick: molasses

Synonyms: runny

Water, hot sauce
Tough: hard to bite through.  Over-mixed pie crust
Velvety: A smooth texture.