Assignments Due May 3

Reading Materials
Overview of Food is Elementary


Online Discussion

Answer two (or more) questions and respond to someone else’s comments.

  1. After reading about the work and educational philosophies of John Dewey, Ellen Swallow Richards and Maria Montessori, what sparked your interest or particularly resonates with you?
  2. What are some messages that you got during your childhood about food and eating? What are some messages that you want to give your students about food and eating?
  3. How does the content you engaged with this week relate to the phrase “food is good to think”?


Journal Reflection (upload below)

  1. Reflect on your own learning styles and educational experiences. How do you like to learn? Has this changed since childhood? What impact did your educational experiences have on you as a learner? How will these experiences help you engage your students?
  2. Reflect on your own food experiences growing up and your current eating habits and taste preferences. Are your eating habits and taste preferences today similar to when you were a child? If they are different, what made you change? Do you have any food biases or blind spots that you need to be aware of when working with your students? How will you make sure to be respectful of your students’ unique food experiences?
  3. Explain why you think teaching people about food is important.