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Introducing the Food is Good to Think Blog

Welcome to the “Food is Good to Think” blog! The title of the blog is a quote from the French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss. This quote is the framework for the Food is Elementary curriculum and the work of the Food Studies Institute. We love this quote because food is fascinating to think about as it can be related to almost any topic, and food nourishes the body and mind which enables us to think.

In keeping with our goal to educate the public about healthy eating and the history of culinary traditions, the purpose of this blog is to provide free information, recipes, how-to videos, and fun cooking activities for people of all ages to learn how various traditions and beliefs about food have evolved over time and remain today.

We welcome your feedback, photos of recipes from the blog that you prepare, and tax-deductible donations to the Food Studies Institute. Please feel free to share this blog with those who you think will enjoy engaging in these activities.