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Celebrating Spring

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Celebrating Spring

Dandelion Seeds Honoring the Rebirth of Plants & Animals By Antonia Demas, PhD Spring is the season when the earth warms up and comes alive again after the cold of winter when few plants grow.  In the Northern Hemisphere spring begins on the vernal (or spring) equinox on or around March 20 – 23. InContinue reading “Celebrating Spring”

Celebrating Earth Day

Mixed moss + reindeer moss (lichen) circle garden created by Antonia Demas Planting a Garden Honoring the Vital Legacy of Plants on Earth By Antonia Demas, Ph.D. “It’s exciting to think that without the evolution of the humble moss, none of us would be here today” [1] Tim Lenton, University of Exeter, UK Scientists believeContinue reading “Celebrating Earth Day”

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Honoring the Life and Legacy of Ellen Swallow Richards By Antonia Demas, Ph.D. © “Schools should not teach how to make a living before they teach how to live.”— Ellen Richards Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards, founder of the home economics and environmental education movements, was born in Dunstable, Massachusetts in 1842. Richards applied scientific principlesContinue reading “Celebrating Women’s History Month”

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