Celebrating “Surprises in Mili’s Suitcase: How I Cured My Diabetes with Food”

By Katherine Orr and Antonia Demas, Ph.D.

This blog post features a beautiful children’s book with a powerful message about the healing powers of food, written by Katherine Orr and Antonia Demas. Katherine is an illustrator and children’s book author who lives in Hawaii. Years ago, Katherine contacted Antonia after reading a number of books about preventing diabetes. She had witnessed her friend Mili take on the challenges associated with this disease and was inspired to write a book about her friend’s experience reversing her type 2 diabetes diagnosis through a plant-based diet. The Hawaiian population is at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes and Ms. Katherine got started writing this book with the goal of health promotion through prevention and education. After becoming aware of Food is Elementary© projects in several Hawaiian Language Immersion Schools which were funded by the Health Department, Katherine contacted Antonia to assist with editing her book. Antonia flew to Hawaii to work on this project and the they became fast friends. They are proud to make this book available for free online, with the sincere hope it will help prevent or reverse diabetes.

front cover

To turn the pages in the book below, please click the arrows in the bottom left corner.

back cover

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