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Our Solution

Today I feel like I'm full of strength. I feel like Hercules ...I now feel like my body is just 100% purified blood and organs... I can just feel my brain thinking better. I used to have all C's now I have only A's and B's... I never knew such a diet like this can make a tremendous effect like this. I always thought vegetables was nasty. You just have to know how to cook them."

                               —Willie, student at Baypoint School for Troubled Teens


Improving the School Lunch Program

The American school lunch program is the single largest feeding program in the world, with the ability to reach 53 million children every day. These meals are often a child's main source of nourishment, making it crucial that healthy foods are served. Our research demonstrates that hands-on, classroom experience with nutritious foods will promote acceptance of those foods in the breakfast & lunch program. FSI works with food service in order to incorporate plant-based entrees into the school lunch menu and provide students with healthy daily meals.



Reaching the Family and Community

Positive change can begin in the classroom but must extend to the family, home and community if children are to have the hope for a better future. FSI supports and encourages community initiatives for action and involvement on the part of parents and volunteers. 


 Global Outreach

 The goal of the Food Studies Institute is to help children worldwide to have a better future. With your help, we can work with communities around the world to adapt the curriculum to specific cultural requirements and nutritional needs.  


Healthy habits begin in the classroom

Food is Elementary is a unique and vibrant curriculum introduced into schools and communities that teach children about food, nutrition, culture, and healthy living by:

  •  Educating children about the relationship between food choices and disease prevention
  • Encouraging a child's natural curiosity and creativity to be the foundation of learning
  • Providing children with the life skill of food preparation through hands-on interactive experience
  • Introducing healthful foods through the traditions and arts of different cultures
  • Involving families and community in classroom teaching, school meals, gardens, and collaborative projects

Of all the health activities to be pursued in this country, nothing can be more important than providing a good nutritional education for very young children. Antonia Demas not only prepares food as an art, but also teaches very young children about food with a passion that is heart-warming and incredibly effective. Her curriculum ought to be in every school in the country."
T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Cornell University


In hundreds of schools and communities across the nation, Food is Elementary has had remarkable success in improving the physical and mental health of children. Documented results have included:


  • The development of preference for fruits, vegetables and whole foods over processed junk foods

  • Reduced Body Mass Index and improved general health in school children within just weeks of educational intervention

  • A welcomed introduction of plant-based entrees into the school lunch program

  • Parents choosing healthier foods due to the influence of their children

  • Dramatic improvement in the behavior, mind set and academic performance of troubled teens


This is a program that has a very positive message and makes a healthy lifestyle something children would desire, rather than something that would have to be forced upon them."

  —Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


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