Bringing Health to Our Future — Giving Children a New Experience of Food

The Food Studies Institute (FSI) is devoted to changing the health destinies of children through proper nutrition and education. This has been the life-long work of Dr. Antonia Demas whose groundbreaking curriculum, Food is Elementary, educates children about nutrition by providing a positive experience of food and food preparation that is fun, hands-on and sensory-based.

The work of the Food Studies Institute enables a transition to life-long healthy eating in three key ways:
1. Through the introduction of Dr. Demas' dynamic curriculum Food is Elementary into schools and communities
2. By revolutionizing and improving the school lunch program
3. By promoting community outreach and helping parents support their children's healthy food choices

"Antonia's work is an example of disease prevention at its best, and is an example of how education can effectively deal with real life issues even at an early age. Only by starting young people off on a path of healthy eating will we ultimately cut the cost of health care in the United States."   -Harvey Zarren, M.D.

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