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Food is Elementary
© has demonstrated remarkable success in improving the physical and mental health of children. Documented results from research based studies have included:

  • The development of preference for fruits, vegetables and whole foods over processed junk foods
  • Reduced Body Mass Index and improved general health in school children within just weeks of educational intervention
  • A welcomed introduction of plant-based entrees into the school lunch program
  • Parents choosing healthier foods due to the influence of their children
  • Dramatic improvement in the behavior, mind set and academic performance of troubled teens

 "Today I feel like I'm full of strength. I feel like Hercules ...I now feel like my body is just 100% purified blood and organs... I can just feel my brain thinking better. I used to have all C's now I have only A's and B's... I never knew such a diet like this can make a tremendous effect like this. I always thought vegetables was nasty. You just have to know how to cook them."
—Willie, Baypoint School for troubled teens

FSI has designed and implemented numerous research based studies. A focus of the research design is to evaluate health, behavioral and academic performance change. FSI continues to expand the research questions asked and work with many diverse collaborators.






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